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FurnitureMattressDirect⁽ᴰᵉᵃˡˢ⁾- Extended 5-year Furniture Protection Plan

The FurnitureMattressDirect⁽ᴰᵉᵃˡˢ⁾ Guardsman Gold Complete Plus Furniture Protection Plan helps you protect your furniture and mattress from accidental stains and damage and keeps them looking great for as long as possible. The The FurnitureMattressDirect⁽ᴰᵉᵃˡˢ⁾ Guardsman plan gives you total peace of mind for your purchase from The FurnitureMattressDirect⁽ᴰᵉᵃˡˢ⁾. The Guardsman Plan provides service for stain removal, repair, and even replacement of irreparably damaged items. Whether your furniture is fabric, leather, or wood, damage and stains are covered by the Guardsman Gold Plus Complete Furniture Plan. With the Protection Plan, you can rest assured that you have a furniture expert to call on when you need one. 

What are Furniture Protection Plans?
 A Guardsman Furniture Protection Plan helps protect your new furniture from accidental stains and damage caused by you or someone in your home. A Plan provides service for stain removal, repair, and even replacement of irreparable damaged items, depending on the type of plan you purchase, so you can keep your furniture in good condition for years of enjoyment.

A Furniture Protection Plan is not a warranty. Warranties cover manufacturer issues with the product. Typically the damage associated with a warranty is caused by an issue with the design, workmanship, or quality of materials, and is not caused by you.
Guardsman Plans provide you with a furniture repair expert when you need one — from our network of thousands of furniture technicians across the United States and Canada who can:
- Food and beverage stains
- Household stains
- Ink stains
- Lipstick, nail polish, cosmetics
- Human and pet bodily fluids    
- Punctures, rips, cuts, tears, and burns in most leathers and fabrics
- Burns, heat marks, scratches, and gouges in wood
- Springs, frames, and certain mechanisms
Guardsman offers a variety of Protection Plans. All plans are subject to limitations and exclusions. Ask your sales associate to review a sample of the Plan that is sold at your furniture retailer before purchasing.
How do Guardsman Protection Plans work?
If you purchased a Guardsman Furniture Protection Plan and need service for a stain or damage during the term of the Plan, simply call the toll free number listed on your plan or file a claim at within the reporting period indicated on your plan.

Call to file your claim:
•    If you call Guardsman to file a claim, Guardsman will email or mail you a Claim Form that you will need to complete, sign, enclose a copy of your sales receipt, and return to Guardsman within 30 days of your initial call to file your claim.

File a claim online:
•    If you file a claim using Guardsman Online Claim Form, simply complete the Form online, print, sign, enclose a copy of your sales receipt, and return to Guardsman within 30 days.

Occasionally, we may ask you to provide photos of your stain or damage to enable us to provide you with the best solution for your claim.  Upon receiving your Claim Form, Guardsman will review your claim. If your Claim Form is eligible for service under the terms of the plan, Guardsman will contact you to provide service.  Most claim forms are handled in less than one week.
I did not receive a copy of my Protection Plan. Where can I obtain one?
The Protection Plan would have been provided either by the retailer at the time of purchase/delivery or mailed to you by Guardsman.  Sample Plans can be found on this website at Sample Protection Plans.  If you would prefer to have a Plan sent to you, please contact us at 1-800-253-3957.
Does my plan cover stains/damage from wear and tear?
Stains or damage from normal wear and tear is not covered by a Furniture Protection Plan. Wear and tear occurs with ordinary, everyday use of your furniture. Furniture Protection Plans are designed to cover stains and damage caused by a specific incident. Overall cleaning is not covered as this is considered maintenance for normal wear and tear as opposed to the spot cleaning provided by the plan for accidental spills.

If I move to another state or province, is my plan still valid?
The Guardsman Furniture Protection Plan is valid throughout the United States and Canada as long as you are the original owner of the furniture. Please note though, stains or damage caused by moving furniture from one place to another, are not covered by the Furniture Protection Plan.

My furniture needs an overall cleaning. Does my Protection Plan cover that?
The Guardsman Furniture Protection Plan does not cover overall cleanings. General maintenance of furniture is the consumer's responsibility.  If you would like to have your furniture cleaned, you may contact a cleaning professional in your local area. Please be sure that the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning are followed. For your convenience, Guardsman Furniture Professionals are listed on this website under "Find a tech".

Why do I have to submit a Claim Form?
The Claim Form is designed to gather specific information about your furniture stain or damage, such as the affected furniture piece, what the furniture is composed of, and type and location of the stain or damage. Guardsman uses this information to process the request accurately, order needed parts, and hire the most qualified technician to service your specific stain or damage.

If I complete the online form, do I still need to mail in the Claim Form along with my sales receipt?
Yes. The online claim process expedites the process of submitting your claim by providing you with the Claim Form online versus waiting to receive the Form via email or mail. Once you have completed and printed the online form, you should proof the information you provided and correct any mistakes prior to mailing. Whether you choose to complete the Claim Form online or manually complete the Form that you received via email or regular mail, you will need to sign and mail back a hard copy of your Form accompanied with a copy of your sales receipt.
How long after I mail out my Claim Form should I expect to hear back from Guardsman?
Once we receive your form, you can expect to hear back from Guardsman within a business week.
When can I expect to hear from a technician, and who will be coming into my home to service my furniture?
An authorized Guardsman technician will contact you to schedule an appointment to service your furniture. If you have not heard from the technician within 5 business days, please contact Guardsman at 1-800-675-3603.
What happens if the technician is unable to successfully resolve the covered stain/damage that I reported?
If the technician cannot make a repair for any reason, he/she will submit a report to Guardsman. Once the review is complete, a Resolution Account Manager will be in contact with you to discuss the next step.
Why do I have to provide a copy of my sales receipt?
Your sales receipt is proof of purchase of your furniture and Protection Plan.
What does my sales receipt need to show?
Your sales receipt will need to show: a) customer information, b) retailer information, c) purchase and/or delivery date, d) itemized list of furniture purchased with prices, e) the Guardsman protection plan.

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